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tv   [untitled]    December 7, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EST

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and again both supporters and critics of the united winning united russia policy rallied to make their voices heard after sunday's parliamentary election. and mosque a response to washington civic criticism of the vote for members is that wrong accuses his counterpart hillary clinton of using happy form with the organization for security cooperation in europe to score political points of. last ditch attempt to save the euro and the plan to sponsor you debate over whether that proposed change to. really help anything here is
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a. very warm welcome to you this is live from moscow a police are gearing up for another night of protest after the opposition and their rally against war they're calling on fire elections thousands have been gathering in central mosque day for the past two days angry with the results of sunday's poll that's. here is in downtown moscow for us these are take us through the current situation how's it looking. well what we're seeing on wednesday evening is riot police again deploying to square in the center of moscow now this is ahead of what could be would be a third night of protests and demonstrations by those both on the side of the
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united russia the ruling party here and those opposed to sunday's elections who allege that there were electoral fraud there was elected fraud taking place there in that the vote was rigged. to infante a square was the scene of last night's protests were the largest protest so far that we've seen following sunday's vote around well here over five hundred people were detained by police during that demonstration now that was followed up with earlier on on wednesday five thousand people in a pro-government demonstration in the center of the city now all of this is building up ahead of what we're expecting on saturday where we could see the largest protests to date taking place at revolutionary square lots of people on social networking sites saying that they are going to be attending both from the those who are opposed to the elect the vote in the parliamentary elections on sunday and those supporting united russia the ruling party. what do we know now
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about the lists of cool reactions toward stirring on a moscow both here in russia and internationally. well we heard on wednesday for mikhail gorbachev the former soviet leader and he said that the sunday's vote should be a no holds that he criticized called the elections unfair and said accuse the government of not listening to the people of russia now hillary clinton the u.s. secretary of state was speaking at the organization for security and cooperation in europe meeting and she also criticized sunday's electoral electoral outcome the vote that took place there for the parliamentary elections and this resulted in a stern response from moscow saying basically mind your own business. a conclusion about the sufficiency or insufficiency of parties is an area of responsibility for the russian authorities not for international organizations and if they monitor the quality of elections and violations that's one thing but the
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issue of the country's political system is none of their business they will soon be telling us how to write our constitution what it could constitute. so police are gearing up for a potential third night of demonstrations here in moscow and we're also hearing from reaction from here inside russia as well as around the world to sunday's parliamentary election which saw united russia come in again as the with the majority in the tumor elections they will have the majority of those seats there in the lower house of the russian parliament taking so many thanks for keeping us updated as to what's happening at that on the streets of moscow assays. russia's foreign minister said get out draw off as you've been hearing has also struck back at washington over criticism off the election process hillary clinton head out of the russian ballot out a new saying of the organization for security and cooperation in europe has also now has the details for us. foreign minister sergey lavrov had said that by using
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the always seen as a platform to express this grievances referring to the russian elections was a disrespect to the o. a c. simply because that wasn't for him that i was in the place for such opinions to be expressed so he did question the intentions of hillary clinton but on the most resilient regrettably some of my colleagues prefer to use this platform to make statements which have nothing to do with. this was exactly the case with hillary clinton who apparently came here for the sole purpose of scoring points with voters in america she left after meeting her speech and many other ministers last early as well which only underlines the critical condition. but it's also made reference to be a protest in moscow comparing that kind of action up you know with the o.e.c.d. is not a place for rallies like the places in moscow where people came out to voice their grievances and then walk away he also said that if the us would have problems with
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the results of the russian elections they should have gone straight to the kremlin so that they would be able to settle it bilaterally instead of bringing it on to an international level another thing he pointed out is the state of the west to see. it is in a messy messy state and that it is weak at this point and he claims that some of the countries deliberately trying to keep it weak so that it's easier to manipulate those are the words of foreign minister sergey lavrov and again he is on his way to brussels for a meeting with a nato russia nato meeting and of course the sticking point that has been going on for a long time now is the issue of the missile defense system the european missile defense system which is of course a facilitated by the u.s. the nato shield that russia has not been satisfied with the response so far russia still has not gotten any legally binding guarantees assuring at the. defense systems are not directed towards russia and the reaction of russia so far has been to step up its own capabilities and again this is
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a sticking point it definitely will be discussed on thursday here in brussels. times correspondent in brazil had me ask about hillary clinton's comments i once again on the line and merican apostle what they should you know they should be looking at the score of the communist party which is almost twenty percent in the elections they should be worried about that twenty percent of voters are going into the latest election in russia in fact they they want to go back to seventy five years of russian history this is much more important from an american point of view then a fact that the united russia got forty nine percent of the vote which eve party you know western democratic system would love to have as well we have hillary clinton going recently to spec you stand in praising the progress in respect you stand out i think probably she means progress at the kerim i was not boiling open women's anymore so you know it's an enormous hypocrisy in fact i would say the most
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important saying for it the russians who are protesting the results of the elections would have to be what kind of project united russia has for the country for the next ten years or so i think this is the most important question. continuing to follow the repercussions of sunday's elections in mind when you all you tube channel has been legs his videos of the protests that have been taking place here in moscow also live updates of the situation i'll bet you on twitter feed it all to the school home and of course on all websites but we're asking more you think about the protests well so far. he seems to think that is only a warm up a bigger protest you next spring off the presidential election always the same number of you say that the rallies a little bit just in the distance a fight over a face see it as a sign of
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a developing civil society and the rest say it's just politicians lobbying for attention will do tell us what you think about it all then log on to alton dot com to have your say. now police have moved in to clear and occupy protests in san francisco dismantling around one hundred tents reports say the raid began at two am local time and resulted in dozens of arrests and the disposal of protesters belongings thousands police face an investigation into claims of excessive force being used during the nationwide crackdown on the anti corporately but report nine reports. when the very people employed to protect americans. leave thousands with bruised bodies. burned eyes. locked behind bars for tasting their own blood. the land of the free adopts an entirely new image probably more. work
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for you so. far you joined the force. from. the walk. in recent months u.s. police officers have made an enemy. of those citizens using their freedom of speech to protest against corporate greed and corrupt politics today's breed of american law enforcement is dressed in riot gear and armed with heavy weaponry body armor flash bangs tear gas and lethal projectiles. as tens of thousands of americans assemble cops have been accused of craving confrontation not defusing it was very. sad only. a level of police brutality so bad a former marine sergeant couldn't stay silent when i was half. a
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world that are in who survived two tours in iraq was seriously injured by local police officers using flash grenades canisters against occupy protesters but you knew that you know twenty four year old scott olsen was hospitalized with serious head injuries. in seattle the oldest victim of the police turned paramilitary was an eighty four activist temporarily blinded by pepper spray the united states which bills itself as the pillar of international law and democratic free. numbs has consistently placed itself on the world stage as the self-appointed beacon of moral authority we call upon the iranian government to abide by the international obligations that it has to respect the rights of its own people instead of respecting the rights of his own people. without the chose the path of brutal suppression. innocent civilians were imprisoned and in some cases beaten meanwhile
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at home as dissent in america grows louder many say washington's glasshouse of hypocrisy has shown beautiful symmetry they want people to be able to have freedom of speech but they don't want that freedom to interfere with them in any way to be in any way disruptive to the or challenging it's of them the line that traditionally has separated us soldiers from civilian law enforcement has arguably been overeats placed by what's being dubbed the american militarization of police tock tick tock tick for black nature trapped in the foundation of american principles such as democracy and human rights is that only the same principles you ask here you. all other countries about are enough for you are to new york. still to come in the program new expectations from
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a new government of libya gears up to clear the streets of weapons the bloody civil war ended when to get the most heads of the people in the country. now time is running out for the year as they need us to save the single currency as they prepare for eleventh hour talks in brussels germany and france of pushing to change to create a fiscal union and introduce tougher budget rules however the european council president believes they can achieve the same goals without altering existing treaties which would need lengthy ratifications the british prime minister will. and he wouldn't sign any need cheesy if it harmed the mole in the european markets credit ratings giant standard and poor's has added to the sense of urgency as it threatened to downgrade fifty new as a country and that bailout fund danish your m.p. more messerschmitt told r.t. that brussels is taking the reins and robbing nations of their sovereignty but the
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dilemma here is that each time we talk about it leadership from brussels it means that unelected people are to lead to countries unelected people are to tell the voters what to do these governments around that have actually been elected are now under control by the bureaucrats here from a bust process and if that's what we mean by having more leadership i will certainly refrain from that i would certainly say let's go the other way round we have now in europe governments that were elected that have been put under administration by the bureaucrats in brussels that not democracy that's not leadership that's a failure of democracy that's the downfall of the european idea i think it's a shame to see that greece the greeks invented the democracy now they have been the first country to be put under administration because of this failed dream that was the euro so yes we do need leaders that they are bold enough to say the obvious that the euro has failed but that's certainly not going to be the leaders of brussels that's going to be the leaders of the member states of athens of this been
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read and even of copenhagen at some time when the on avoidable cannot be neglected anymore. leaders are also expected to accelerate the setting up of the new bailout fund to run in parallel with the existing facility the u.s. treasury secretary said he would not be giving extra money to boost the new cash reserves but stressed the usa needs more force to tackle the crisis there's also reports the summit coming on thursday and friday maybe too late to save. its crisis time for the euro with a vital e.u. leaders summit in brussels which could determine the feet of the single currency there has to be a quick and a solid fix of this instability and political conflict on some kind of a common basis between especially france and germany in the next days or weeks or we're going to see a systemic crisis erupted out of this which would be i think to no one's interests yet more problems with u.s.
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ratings agency standard and poor's downgrade in the eurozone members states why the markets are now so alarmed is that the market down me also include the use to economic powerhouses germany and france there isn't real and see the huge of the euro zone's ills as fiscal union centralizing economic control over sovereign budgets they blame the crisis on a lack of discipline with some member states breaking budget rules and running up huge deficits but some critics say this is precisely the wrong approach. to members that have become part of the eurozone project a very much different from one another and cannot provide a common homogenous currency space that's what has become so obvious under the present situation now they want to resolve the problem by introducing more centralization centralization is the root cause of the problem. up to know the e.u.'s rescue strategy has been based on patching up the weakest economy with
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bailouts which some say is merely a band-aid solution and the wrong medicine term in me ill patient. to save the eurozone. trying to rearrange chairs thinking ship the fiscal union q is no quick fix and also could open up a new minefield as it needs domestic political approval across the e.u. to revise the lisbon treaty that blocks effective constitution and rule book london has already warned of a veto if its interests are threatened while hostility towards europe e.u. citizens suffering austerity measures to bail out banks and reckless governments could mean stiff opposition as well as anger at losing domestic control over national budgets yet another obstacle for france and germany they know they have
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already lost the battle so we are in a prison of dilemma the people have taken the wrong decisions from the very beginning. they don't want to read to the public that they are wrong and that they have been wrong because if they admit this they would have to step down right away the fate of the euro has occupied the headlines for most of the year but the failure to stem the mounting difficulties puts this summit in a different light the end is nine for good or for bad with most observers saying this crisis is nearing its day of reckoning. r.t. for germany. well the new libyan government has set an end of year deadline for former revolutionaries to clear the capital of the unnecessary presence of armed militia groups and their weapons otherwise say the new leaders tripoli will be locked down the city has been flooded with former rebels ever since they stormed into else colonel gadhafi in august says that he takes his death libyans have been
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starting to rebuild their lives but as i was on the point reports but he challenges still lie ahead. a few months are waking up to gunfire residents of tripoli now have to get used to a new alarm to the city of two million people has an extensive rooster population and the birds have all but replaced a rifle chatter at the heralds of the new dawn. there was no exchange of gunfire the situation is ok. while the revolutionary rush has spared hardly any wall in tripoli people here are clearly fatigued by eight months of civil war this may be deliberately beer it's very few wanted to break free from the obligations of the old regime on the surface of things that the normal life in tripoli has been restored the city where many homes didn't have access to the invitation last few months ago already has its fountain running but then you leave you feel facing the danger of running around the shallow waters of national politics much for example
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remain frozen limiting the government's ability to pay salaries and subsidies it has already become a major part of the revolutionary spirit we first met muhammad in august on the frontlines of bani walid one of the final strongholds of the going down here regime of former engineering student he joined us his brothers in what he says was a win or die fight for freedom because at the beginning everything was absolutely peaceful there were no guns we want to freedom and fairness but then the dictator used gone far against us and we lost my. the young rebels three months later mohammad is definitely in the driver's seat revels of the country's new heroes popular with women and the public at large if not with a rifle by his side mohammed would be like a twenty seven year old in any other country cruising around on a saturday night live is good yes. and it's not like he was under privileged under
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gadhafi regime he still lives in a three hundred square meter house in the prestigious area of tripoli they say the revolution has brought them along the way to democracy but is yet to translate into concrete benefits we have free education and health care of the gadhafi of course we expected to remain free but it also needs to be improved the new authorities also have to decrease prices and raise salaries so that ordinary people can join all the benefits of the revolution. here exactly how the new government can afford to do so in a country a ruling by war and stripped of much of its budgetary income is every bit as good as the forty two years of got his rule had taught libyans to rely on government for just about everything and the level of expectations in the new york authorities is very high. i have big plans for my life in a year or sold god willing i want to finish my education get a good job and save enough money to mari it's all become possible for us now. and
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in national economist i'm not being i think the fact that they were willing to destabilize a regime that had demonstrably one of the highest living standards in north africa goes to show the fact that they were not so interested in what benefited the people as a whole in the first place they were more interested in forming their their economic ties to do american oil companies yet for the moment the future seems bright not least because it's also very blurred actually got our to tripoli. forget to visit our website for more stories and in-depth analysis here's a look at what you can find it on our to dot com right now the search for flight on its aspiring form for it is not a claims it's found our world sibling six hundred light years away. and it's beginning to feel a lot like christmas something to promise sounds as if it's that strange the skin is unstable as they get into the seasonal spirit of the u.s.
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find out more at all times. and now let's move on news this hour a roadside bomb attack in southern afghanistan has killed nineteen civilians and left a number of others wounded the blast occurred when a minivan was hit by a bomb in the city of kandahar this comes just a day off the funeral of fifty nine shia muslims killed in twin suicide bombings a pakistan basic stream this group has claimed responsibility afghan president hamid karzai has vowed to confront the pakistani government over the bombing. interview with the u.s. t.v. network a.b.c. syria's president bashar al assad has said he feels no guilt over the bloody crackdown on anti-government uprisings in the country despite repeated reports of security force brutality the president denied that he ordered violence to be used against protesters here visit that mistakes have been made to play the violence on armed criminal gangs according to the u.n.
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reports almost four thousand people have been killed since the uprising began ten months ago. former israeli president moshe katsav has been sent to a high security prison to serve a seven year sentence for rape and other sexual offenses he was found guilty last december of raping a former female employee while serving as a cabinet minister he was also convicted of sexually harassing two other women last he was president has that maintains his innocence and accused the court of ignoring crucial evidence. about the headline shortly up next here on r.t. they the business update which is a tree. thanks honestly construction of an oil link between the black sea and the egan is on the verge of falling apart that's after bulgaria decided to leave the joint project with russia and greece the one point three billion dollars pipeline is intended to transport russian and caspian bypassing turkey's crowded bosphorus dardanelles
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channels and thus saving shipping costs bug areas as the project will not work under the current agreement or will now have to pay eight point two million dollars to its partners in costs russia's transept as construction could still go ahead but will require new negotiations. second the markets the self the tuesday's steep decline in the russian markets i spend most of the day looking for direction but it's still a negative one and it seems fifteen minutes or twenty minutes rather before the end of the session yet this is the point nine percent of my six around half a percent if we take a look at the main movers on the my sex you'll see the energy shares are down lukewarm gazprom shedding more around half a percent on the decline in oil prices will take a look at that in the second fertilizer make a little carly is better than the market down by just a notch the company's revenues reached three point two billion dollars in the first nine months of the year and we did see positive movement before but now it's come
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back. european stock markets did open positively but have now slipped into the red financial times said european officials are in talks to potentially double the five years or bailout fund masters are so far sitting on the side. and pretty much for the same reason no worries about global demand making commodities investors to sell well light sweets is down thirty seven cents brant is down half a dollar per barrel. the privatization program in russia could get off to a rapid start next year the boss of the country's biggest lenders burbank says it will be ready to go to the market as soon as the global financial situation stabilizes herman graff is also beat about the bank's prospects in two thousand and twelve saying it will be difficult for the sector but his firm will outperform the market. you can image that however the world economy develops the next year will
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not be very easy for us we call our business plan moderately optimistic so according to it's not critical for you should grow to about twenty percent that's better than the market which we expect to grow to around twenty years and although we also ready for a more pessimistic scenario where the situation in europe worsens and the oil price falls to between sixty and seventy dollars per barrel. a new social networks on the way in russia looking to snap a photo of fans users of the seven million dollar pin made or you website will be able to share picture galleries with friends like a blog about very small round images and is better focused on the russian language market the owners hope that within four years the firm will be worth thirteen times more around one hundred million dollars pinney is similar to america's interest which launched last year it already has three million users and is now worth up to two hundred million dollars. on
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a related subject investors and high tech shares could get tax benefits and russia economic ministry has prepared a draft a bill to exempt them from income tax benefits will apply to long term investors buying into small or medium sized russian firms which are valued no greater than three hundred twenty million dollars tax holidays are part of the government's plan to spur investment into innovative companies. that's all for now we will be back in fifty five minutes time with an update or you can find more to our website artie dot com forward slash business the headlines are next.
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wealthy british style. is not on the rise. in. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports. down the official auntie up location on the phone called touch from the top story.


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